Golf Performance

Are you interested in increasing the strength, power, and efficiency of your golf game? We can help you with that! Our programs are designed to help you feel better and play better golf. Dr. Schreiner looks at your golf swing from a unique angle - the body. Functional limitations of the body contribute to every swing characteristic. Dr. Schreiner focuses on how your balance, flexibility, strength, and endurance, contribute to or limit distance, accuracy, consistent performance and pain with golf.  

Dr. Schreiner has been certified by the Titleist Performance Institute for the evaluation of proper golf biomechanics and injury prevention. He is also certified to perform the Selective Functional Movement Assessment and on the use of the K-Vest motion capture system for golf swing analysis and biofeedback training. We offer the following services to help you achieve your performance goals:

  • Functional Movement Assessments 
  • TPI physical assessments 
  •  K-Vest swing efficiency assessments 
  •  K-Vest 3D biofeedback exercise sessions 
  •  Custom web-based exercise programs




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