Sports Injury

When you need a specialist in sports chiropractic therapy in Verona, WI, make an appointment at the Schreiner Family Chiropractic clinic. Dr. Josh Schreiner is an experienced chiropractor who uses several techniques to ease the common injuries you may have as a recreational or professional athlete.

What Are Common Sports Injuries?

When it comes to common sports injuries, there is a lot a chiropractor like Dr. Schreiner can help with: 

  • Sciatica
  • Sprains and strains 
  • Achilles tendon problems 
  • Knee issues 
  • Shin splints 
  • Tennis elbow

Shin splints and Achilles tendon problems are common in runners. Sciatica results from compression on the sciatic nerve, the longest nerve in the body. It usually happens when you have a herniated or bulging disc from a back injury or swelling in that area. Your chiropractor may offer soft tissue therapy to help aid recovery in muscle or ligament sprains or strains.

What Chiropractic Techniques Can Help?

When you get sports chiropractic care in Verona, WI, treatment may include adjustments, dry needling, and muscle tension relief. Adjustments can be performed by different methods. Thompson Technique, Diversified Technique, or the use of an activator are offered at the clinic. Activator adjustments differ from manual ones as they involve using a handheld device. This device can provide quick and deep pressure to targeted areas of the spine. It's an ideal way to localize treatment during an adjustment.

Dr. Schreiner may use needling to increase blood flow in damaged muscles. The needles can stimulate the trigger points that have formed and kickstart the healing process. As the blood flows, it works to solve the issue of previously built-up pain in that area. Endorphins are those "feel good" hormones the brain releases when you exercise. This technique can release endorphins in the body, which immediately reduce or stop pain.

We may relieve muscle tension by using electrical stimulation therapy. This type of therapy involves electrodes that are placed on the skin. From there, a current is transmitted into your muscles, causing them to contract and relax. If you're an athlete constantly dealing with muscle spasms or chronic tension, technique may be the best option.

When you need a sports chiropractic professional in Verona, WI, Dr. Schreiner is available to help you. Call the Schreiner Family Chiropractic office at 608-848-0058 for an appointment today.


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